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週末YY JUMPing

Hey! Say! JUMP♪

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shuumatsu yy jumping!

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This is a community dedicated to Shuumatsu YY Jumping (週末YY JUMPing); and Yan Yan JUMP (ヤンヤン JUMP) YY Jumping was co-hosted by our JE boys Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru, its last episode was aired in March 2011. The show was then taken over by Yan Yan JUMP in April 2011, and is hosted by Hey! Say! JUMP and other members from Johnny's Jr.

We're a tiny community run by a few people, so please follow the rules and keep this community as happy and enjoyable as we intended for it to be (:

Credit: P.yusukekamiyamane, Brandspankingnew, Paleseptembre

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